10 Hacks That Will Make Dog Parenting So Much Easier

It’s not easy being the mother or father of an adorable dog (perhaps more!) who loves you with all of his being. Being a dog owner is a huge commitment but it’s also an opportunity to really have fun and get creative. Some pet parents have even found some amazing “life hacks” that make caring for their pets more efficient and fun. The best part of it all is that your bundle of fun will have a blast enjoying the fruits of your loving creativity!

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 1. Stuff your bestie’s Kong with a few cubes of cheese and microwave it for 5 seconds. She’ll absolutely love the challenge! Want to really get fancy? You can stuff it with peanut butter (to cover the smaller hole), kibble, mashed potatoes, banana, and drizzle chicken broth or gravy over it all. Freeze this feast overnight and Fido has a gourmet adventure the next day.

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 2. No matter how often you brush out your pup, you seem to still find tumbleweeds of dog hair floating all through the house. Here’s a simple solution: take a dryer sheet made with all natural ingredients and use it to pick up hair and dander. Not only will you be breathing easier, but you’ll be saving yourself some money!

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3. For the fluffy cutie who sheds, it would be handy to have a squeegee around. It’s not just to wipe windows anymore, but it is a miraculous fur attractor that will pick up all those flyaway wisps from your dog’s body. Run it over the carpet or the dog bed, and WOOF! No more fur laying around!

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 4. Make a comfortable car hammock for your canine, and this is especially useful for long road trips! Learn how to create one here. Otherwise, you can leave Fido with a trustworthy pet sitter or dog home boarder at any city in the United States and Canada through DogVacay.com.

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5. There may be sizzling days when the only thing that may actually quench Spot’s thirst is a pile of ice to lick on. Why not be creative and give him an icy treat that will also be paw-lickin’ good? Add chicken broth and apple slices to your ice tray (another amazing option is peanut butter and water) and produce the most amazing chunks of ice any canine will have.

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6. Elevated bowls are known to assist your dog with better digestion and less neck strain. In addition, you won’t see the cute pooch scooting all around the kitchen floor trying to eat his dinner. If you’re on a tight budget, buy an Ikea Lack table for $8, cut holes to fit the bowls, and now your bigger pups have a dining table of their own!

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7. If these things can dangle climbers from the side of a mountain, it can definitely contain the strength of your dog! The carabiner will now be your trusty sidekick (secondary to your adorable pooch, of course!). It’ll become useful whenever you need to leash your dog as you enjoy brunch together.

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8. Store dry kibble in a new, plastic trash bin or a pitcher. The air-tight containers will do an efficient job of keeping Fido’s meals fresh and easy to serve. You can store it away in the kitchen and never have to see those oversized, unattractive bags again.

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9. Store bought jerky may be delicious to your pup but it might not be as fun for your wallet. Baking or dehydrating your own jerky can save you a lot of money and can even be healthier for your pooch. Check out this recipe for oven-baked chicken jerky, and you should even add parsley to help your canine’s breath. Those slobbery kisses are inevitable!

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10. Knowledge is power! As tempting as it may be to share everything with your BFF (including your clothes, bed, and food!), make sure to note what you should and shouldn’t feed your pup. Even though he may be your son in a furry costume, what you may be used to on a daily basis may be dangerous to his health!

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 11. Play with your pup via woof-fi! There’s an incredible product underway by Petcube, and a trio of Ukrainian developers have created a fun way for you to play with your dog with a laser pointer controlled by your mouse, and to keep an eye on your pal while you’re at work. In fact, you can even entertain other pets who may be streaming live at the same time!

By Caroline J. Park


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