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Today we have a perfect DIY project to add some color and a personal touch to your pet’s little corner of your home! It’s easy, quick, doesn’t require any fancy supplies. I made mine for a Miniature Dachshund named Napoleon. Since his name is a bit long, I used a nickname he goes by: Leon.

What You Need

  • Card stock paper in white & different colors
  • Bunting flag template
  • Twine
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glass or jar

02 - Pet Name Bunting Flag DIY


1: First, find a bunting flag template you like online, like this one; you’ll find plenty in all shapes and sizes. I printed mine on white card stock paper and reduced the size to 5×7 inches.

If you don’t have access to a computer and printer, it’s easy to create a template of your own using a ruler. Measure out triangles to the length and width you like, trace, and cut.

03 - Pet Name Bunting Flag DIY

04 - Pet Name Bunting Flag DIY

2: Pick a font you like to print the letters of your pet’s name. I chose Helsinki, a free download from Font Squirrel. You can play around with test prints to find which point size best fits your flags (150-point letters were perfect for my flags). After you’ve printed every letter you need on card stock, set aside.

3: Next, take the flag template and trace flags onto your colored card stock paper. I used a different color for each of the letters (L-E-O-N); you can also do a monochromatic flag or alternate two colors. It’s really up to you! After you’ve traced a flag for every letter on colored paper, cut out, and set aside.

05 - Pet Name Bunting Flag DIY

4: Trace circles around each of your letters. Use a glass or jar with an opening that’s larger than the letters, but fits within the boundary of your bunting flag. Then cut them out.

5: Now it’s time to put everything together! Place the circular letters you cut out in step 4 and place them over your flags to make sure everything fits and looks the way you want it to. Then fix the letters onto the flags with scotch tape. (You can also use glue, but I found that to be a little messier; tape seems to work best!)

06 - Pet Name Bunting Flag DIY07 - Pet Name Bunting Flag DIY

6: Take your twine and line up your letter flags to measure out how long it needs to be. Leave some extra length on both ends, because you can always trim it later.

7: Fold each flag over at the top with the twine running under it, as pictured. Secure with scotch tape.

08 - Pet Name Bunting Flag DIY

8: And that’s it! A colorful bunting flag to brighten up your pet’s corner. So cute hanging over his food bowl!

P.S. It helps to have your pet assistant on hand to help and guide you. Leon was sleeping and snoring his way through, but woke up just in time to take a photo with his new name flag. He may or may have not smelled some treats, but he absolutely deserved them for being a superstar. If you decide to have your pet join you, just make sure to keep any sharp objects away from him so he doesn’t hurt and injure himself.

01 - Pet Name Bunting Flag DIY B

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Photos and words by DogVacay Host Jane Yoo. She also blogs at Winding Ridge Lane.



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